Happy New Year!

IMG_0289This lovely Friday marks the beginning of a new year for all of us, so from my family to yours I wish you a great year ahead. I find so many of us use this time to inventory and set goals. My husband and I do the same. We take a quick inventory of our finances, vacation plans as well as home improvement goals. If you know my husband it should come as no surprise that although our house is perfectly renovated he always has home improvement plans. I, on the other hand, have vacation plans that are often out of reach – so there. Overall, each year marks a little more of the same for me and for must of us I assume. I find that comforting as well as a little rote. I plan to shake things up a little. I will enjoy the comfort of knowing I have some healthy routines in place, but I also plan to do a few things outside of my comfort zone. I haven’t figured out what those things are yet, but I will and I’ll post them here. So please enjoy your year and maybe do a couple things that are new to you.


Best, as always,



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