Fiction…Yes, Art…Yes!

Long before I pubauburn-foothillslished my first novel, Call Me Emily, I painted. In fact, drawing and the many mediums of creative art were a huge part of the requirements for my Bachelor of Arts degree in Design. It’s always stayed with me and has been a huge part of my creative process.

Up until now I haven’t chosen to show my paintings outside a visit to my home. But as I stay true to my oath to travel outside my comfort zone this year, I’ve chosen to┬áhave a little show. Coming to that decision was hard though.

It’s difficult to open yourself up to criticism. It’s still difficult for me to hear that not every person that reads my novels loves them. And yes, that happens. The same goes for my paintings, but as with my novels, I’m choosing to jump and just do it.

So, on that note, my paintings will be shown at a little downtown business in Auburn that showcase local artists, Auburn Naturopathic Medicine at 826 Lincoln Way. If you are free Thursday, October 6th from 5-7 pm you should stop by a little reception we’re having and take a peek. Of course, I’m sure you can stop by any time.

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