Call Me Emily: 3 1/2 Stars by Bookend Reviews

I about fell out of my chair when I saw that Call Me Emily had been reviewed. And 3 1/2 stars. Not bad…

Here is a quick excerpt from the review, but please read the full review here. One small correction. The review mentions “Jose.” She means “Joel.”

Call Me Emily – Laura Albright * * * 1/2

Oh, Emily….You made the biggest mistake. The mistake that 90%* of the female population makes at one point or another. “Call Me Emily” is a coming of age story through the 1990 college years. Emily is starting her first year at a southern California University. She begins settling in and making friends and one night she meets Graham. Everything changes.

I’m glad that Emily made the choices she made in the end and I’ve marked book two on my “to read” list.

Bookend Reviews

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Meet Emily: Get Your Copy April 30th

Book Four • The Emily Series

Meet Emily

To be released April 30, 2013

The fourth and final teen fiction book in the Emily Series Meet Emily will be available in paperback and e-book versions.

Meet Emily, Book Four – The Emily Series, starts with Emily’s return to her hometown of Two Rivers. She’s settled now, past the drama of college and that first year entrenched in her career.

An unexpected invitation comes in the mail bringing her back to her hometown and the memories she’s long forgotten.

She finds herself slipping back into those last summer months and remembering her town, her friends, her family, and one long lost love. A man she’s thought of through the years and compared everyone to.

Will she see him again? Is that even a possibility?
Read Meet Emily and find out.

Meet Emily is the forth book to be published in a four book series. Call Me Emily, Emily Calls It, and Emily’s Calling.

Released in paperback and Kindle on
Barnes & Noble for Nook:
Smashwords for all other digital downloads including HTML, .pdf and iPad:

Kobo Books:

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Meet Emily: Available April 30th

That’s right, Meet Emily, the fourth and final book in the Emily Series will be published in both print and electronic versions April 30th.

Just visit Amazon, Barnes&Noble Smashwords or Kobo.

And don’t forget to pick up the first three to complete the set: Call Me Emily, Emily Calls It and Emily’s Calling.

 Meet Emily

When Emily Parker returns to her hometown after several years, she’s reminded of the rolling hills and captivating quiet, the fond memories of growing up and one lost love. Years of relationships falling short behind her, she’s finally happy on her own. So why when she makes the turn into her hometown does she think of that one boy, that one relationship that only lasted the span of a summer but stayed on her mind over the years? Why have all other relationships paled in comparison?




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