Emily’s Calling: Book Three in the Emily Series available November 23rd

That’s right. Black Friday is the day to order or download your copy of Emily’s Calling. The third book in the Emily Series will be available for those special people on your Holiday list or for your own reading pleasure. Just visit Amazon, Barnes&Noble Smashwords or Kobo.

And don’t forget to pick up the first two for a three book set: Call Me Emily and Emily Calls It.

The forth and final book, Meet Emily, will be released this spring. Check back for a firm release date.

Emily’s Calling

When Emily graduates from Cal West University she discovers a career with great opportunity and status, the promise of something special with not one but two men, and friends and family at every turn. For Emily, things seldom stay the same for long…what challenges and choices will her career and relationships bring? Who’s a friend, who’s a lover? And will the watchful eyes and opinions of everyone who means anything to her get in the way? Out of college and into the “real world” tests Emily’s biggest choices so far.

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