The Cover – Call Me Emily

When I thought about the cover of Call Me Emily over the past few months I came up blank. I’ve seen a million book covers – I read constantly. I read when I’m writing and I read when I’m not. I always have a book going.

Friends suggested cover ideas. I listened and shrugged. They all seemed fine, but I don’t usually make decisions based on “fine.” Finally, a few weeks ago I had a dream and saw the cover. I woke up and I knew it was The One. And here it is!

There were a few things to think about, of course. Call Me Emily is the first of four books in the Emily Series. Maybe more – I haven’t decided yet. So my vision had to carry through the series. Enter Emily’s car. It’s a 1961 turquoise Oldsmobile. You can’t miss it and you can’t miss her in it. To Emily her car is an extension of herself and while she’s urged to get something more modern throughout the series, she stays true to her Olds. It’s a character all on it’s own and therefore belongs on the cover with Emily. I already have ideas for the remaining covers. Stay tuned.

Call Me Emily will be available in ebook and print formats.

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