The Path to Published

Sometimes It’s the small steps that count the most.

On my “path to published” I push on day by day, submitting queries and refining my writing skills.

But back to the small steps. I’ve talked so much about how writing fiction has changed my life. The creativity, the love of my characters, the evolution of my writing. All those things have fed my soul to a degree that’s hard to explain – but I’ll try. I love it. There’s something about crawling into the pages of my books and living with all of the characters that have somehow become my friends. What I didn’t expect is how another kind of writing would grow out of my love for fiction writing.

Recently I got up enough nerve to approach the editor of the Auburn Journal. The Journal is Auburn’s local newspaper. The editor and I talked at our local coffee shop for a total of about ten seconds and then I followed up with several emails. At first he seemed perplexed. Why is Laura contacting me? She wants to what? But I explained.

I want to write. I want to write. I want to write.

A few weeks passed and I received my first assignment. I was nervous as hell but I went for it and…they liked my article enough to publish it. So on Wednesday, June 8th the article I wrote about a new business in town had some seriously good real estate as the top story in the Auburn Journal business section.

So it’s official. I’m published! Maybe not the Emily Series yet, but that’s next. In the meantime I have two more stories for the Home and Garden section of the Journal to write this weekend. The first should run next Thursday the 23rd. Look for my name – Laura Albright Journal Correspondent.

Wish me luck!

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