The Third Wheel

Often I receive comments from readers requesting excerpts from the books. Many people have asked for excerpts from the sequels in particular. I hesitate to release any information about the sequels because with each story new drama is born. And, as a result of that drama and conflict, comes change. And change brings spoilers. Something I don’t want my readers to experience.

However, I recently did a very in-depth edit of the second book, Emily Calls It. There is one scene that is especially dear to me that I thought I’d share. It’s at a time when Emily feels vulnerable, and I think we’ve all been there.

In the scene that follows she goes to a beach party with another couple; hence the third wheel issue. Walking toward the party, she makes a few observations.


The Third Wheel

I slipped off my sandals and trudged along, sinking into the still mildly warm sand with every step.  I heard a low rumble of voices blend with rolling waves before I could actually see the bonfire.  When it came into view, I sighed again. But this time, at the scene. There was a car pulled onto the sand with all the windows down giving a gift of music. I say “gift” generously. The music was loud, and with every boom the tiny car vibrated. The bonfire blazed in a concrete pit, and groups of guys in tee-shirts and shorts and girls in ‘way too revealing’ sundresses surrounded it. It crackled and shot tiny sparks into the darkening sky above. I looked at each of the faces glowing orange from the light of the fire. I didn’t recognize anyone and felt my shoulders slump with disappointment. I rubbed my eyes, irritated from the smoke as it drifted my way. It passed by me as quickly as it came and I could see again. A girl let out a high pitched squeak when a random guy dropped an ice cube down her back. She hopped and reached to fish it out, laughing and cursing at him the whole time. Back to her group of girls she went. Then I noticed something notable. In each person’s hand was a signature red cup, indicating there must be a keg somewhere, and that little observation perked me right up.

Just as I was resigned to be a third wheel, I saw him. He looked over his shoulder and in mid-conversation lifted his head in my direction with a broad smile. I smiled back, a confident smile. He looked back toward the guy he was talking to, ended his conversation and walked over.

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